Protaras, the town belongs to the Famagusta district. it is one of the most touristic resorts in the island, located about 10 kilometers northeast of Ayia Napa and very close to the city of Famagusta.

According to the etymology of the word (protos in Greek means first) this coastal area of ​​Paralimni was named so because the inhabitants of Protaras could see the sun rising first from the high hill of the settlement, or from the fact that this area was producing its famous vegetables early in the season and the first on the island.

The area of ​​Protaras, which is essentially a picturesque bay and is famous for its wonderful environment, extends east of Paralimni and has 10 km of coastline as well as a small island. Every year there takes place the Beach Volleyball National Championship, while at the dozens of the beautiful sandy beaches visitors from all over the world enjoy crystal clear waters and relax in the few hundreds of the luxurious and not hotel complexes, at the same place that once stood undisturbed the windmills.

Protaras is believed to have been the ancient city of Lefkola, which had a small safe harbor. There, in 306 BC. Athenaeus Demetrios the Besieger asked for shelter and awaited Ptolemy, one of the successors of Alexander the Great. Since 2001, on one of its golden beaches and shores, just before the world famous beach of Fig Tree, was built the first hotel, and so the fishing village was turned into a big tourist destination.

The formerly risky east shore of Protaras due to the pirate looting, eventually becomes one of the most important tourist coastal areas of Cyprus, and all the locals since then have been establishing here their family businesses. Protaras or “windmill valley” for the old, was and remains the most productive area of Paralimni. Unfortunately, the symbol of this area, the windmills, are probably remnants of another era, since most have not survived. Historically, the first windmills appeared in Paralimni in the early 20th century and were imported from Chicago, U.S.A. and Toronto, Canada, and after the beginning of World War II, they began importing them from Great Britain.

Today you can find and do everything in touristic Protaras, immersed in a magical setting. One of its most beautiful places is considered – and not unfairly – the Cape Cavo Greco, whose western side is scattered with seaside caves. The cape is decorated with the bridge of lovers, literally hanging over the water, and is a prime attraction for lovers and not. Protaras’ coastal pedestrian area (also accessible to people with disabilities) connects most of its coastline, offering a beautiful seafront stroll with incredible views of the Mediterranean while at the same time there are restaurants, cafe-bars, several playgrounds and some public toilets.

Just a few kilometers before the heart of Protaras’ tourist area, there is a chapel, dedicated to Profitis Elias, rewarding the visitor with perhaps the best panoramic view of the area.



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